TV I’ve been watching

Two years in America without the joys of iPlayer, 4OD, ITV player and without ability to play American DVDs, I nearly went mad. Not because I loved TV. In fact, I pretentiously used to claim that I hated it, and to a large extent, I did, when I thought Swinburne and a bottle of wine was a great way to spend a Saturday night. No, I missed it because of its Britishness. British TV is truly excellent. There’s a reason we export so many programmes to the States, why we have comedians dedicated to the task of evaluating and mocking the extraordinary and talented world of the television. I recently went for a chat at a TV production company where I was asked what TV I liked watching, and for my sake as much as anyone’s, I’m making a shortlist of recent favourites.

Grand Designs

Restoration Home

A Farmer’s Life For Me

River Cottage (early)

A Cook on the Wild Side

Have I Got News For You

Amish: The World’s Squarest Teenagers

Frozen Planet

Downton Abbey

Fresh Meat

The Inbetweeners

The Great British Bake Off

Strictly Come Dancing

BBC News

Channel 4 News


Now I wonder what that says about me?


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