We wouldn’t want to live there but…

Sunday started with gorillas. Apparently I was expected to divine the reference to Gorillas in the Mist, a 1988 film about the diappearance of the mountain gorillas. Of course. But it was a misty day nonetheless. It took us ages to get out of bed: we’d had a bit of a late one with  rabbit wrapped in fennel and bacon, a few friends, and a tense game of Settlers of Catan. To make the most of the mist and the growing autumn light, we went north. Rah.

Arriving at Crouch Hill this notice warned us of the apparent dangers of autumn. But never fear, tube drivers are ‘specially trained’ to deal with such terrors. I’d like to see that training.

We wandered along the Parkland Walk, marvelling at the remains of station platforms now at shoulder level and imagining all those Victorians who must have waited there.

A wonderful tree, the brick and the root bound together and fighting.

On to Highgate Wood, a stunning hornbeam wood with an abundance of holly bushes too. Very Christmassy. Must gather some of this stuff for a cheap decorative fix: seeing as we’ll be in the flat right up until the last minute this year, I thought it would be worth it. In a fit of pique I suggested I might spray it gold, but the chap vetoed that, citing ye olden days when to decorate the house, one went outdoors to collect the only green things at that time of year. The holly and the ivy…

A strangely brusque veterinary practice.

Then the posh stuff started: mansions worth millions lining the roads, some rather horrible actually. But someone here clearly had some sense of humour. This made me laugh like a witch for a full minute.

I bought a delicious tangerine to calm down. We wouldn’t want to live here, but it’s lovely to walk through glorious London streets when the dusk comes and everyone forgets to close their curtains.

Finished off the day walking past Kenwood House and looking down into the parkland thick with mist.

Finally, we headed towards the truly fantastic Spaniard’s Inn, took in a pint, and strode back to the Overground. Then Vietnamese, Strictly Results, and bed.


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