Wow. Spent the last few weeks working full time, preparing for interviews, going to a million parties, and trying to get sorted for Christmas. It’s the wail of the privileged young Londoner I know, but I can’t wait until Christmas and two whole weeks of rest.

Yesterday, a potter to Columbia Road (bacon roll – tick; prawns and chilli sauce – check; Portugese custard tart – too full) and fell into Rob Ryan’s shop. Loved this tile display – “You can still do a lot with a small brain” – not least because I have a very small head. A fact that has led my chap towards the charming insult of “tiny little mind”, usually done in some crazy professor voice with crinkled eyes and fingers demonstrating the tininess of said mind. Hmph. So he bought me my own little tile with the motto on, just to prove a point.

Then I’ve been trying to make my own lino print Christmas cards, resurrecting a skill learnt in secondary school. I’ve chosen the alternative emblem of Christmas: the elephant seal (inspired by BBC’s Frozen Planet no doubt). It’s got a big mouth, and if I ever finish the cutting process, it will proclaim the birth of Christ in loud letters. I’m nothing if not imaginative…

And this is the hat I’ve been frantically knitting for my mummy. I bought the wool up in Lerwick, on Shetland. The central pattern of a sort of ferny leaf is one I actually took from an authentic fair isle garment. the other patterns are from a book I learnt from while living on the island, written by the chief knitting historian, Ann Sinclair. I’ve been sticking by Ann’s patterns as they’re so good and clear, but thought I might try and branch out a little myself. This one seemed to work pretty well, and it showcases the green colour really nicely.

Happened to pop by Trafalgar Square on Sunday and stumbled across this performer half out of costume. I like that.


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