In search of variant and lightly amusing things

Ahem. I am home from work sick. I need to giggle. Come forth, my inner Miss Bates, and produce three things very dull indeed, but sweet enough to make you smile.

Item 1: stumbled-upon facebook status update

Has anyone PLEASE got a flute we can borrow, I seem to have signed *** up for flute by mistake and I do not want to buy one!!! And we’ve been asked to bring one to school!! He’s got no front teeth, he can’t play the flute anyway.

Item 2:

But the mother of all stay-at-home mothers is Charlene, who, by the age of 27, has got six kids, all home-schooled and called some combination of her name and husband Terry’s – Techar, Chartel, Charmar, Cherry, Telsee, and Chantee. There’s another on the way – presumably to be called Terylene…

I mean, (snort), really. It’s just as well that New Zealand have laid down such strict rules for the naming of children: no Lucifers (NZ doesn’t want anything religious), no Justices (there’s a ban on self-titling names, such as “King”) no punctuation, no numbers, no single letter names, and nothing that could be construed as offensive. A lucky escape, then, for youngsters “facing a life explaining that their names really are Mafia No Fear, V8, Anal or 89.”

Item 3:

This lovely, precocious work from a youth called Caleb Yule who lives in Brighton. A pretty video with great soundtrack.

I’m off to get coke, to soothe my stomach…


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