I’ve been all of a flutter this week. I’m finally getting my teeth into my new job – it’s tremendously exciting, with new responsibilities, new structures, and real meetings. I’ve never had meetings like this before! For so long now I’ve been playing at being an adult. As a child my brother and I would play “students”, elaborately writing “Essay” at the top of a blank page, scribbling nonsense beneath, and turning the spare room into a “disco”. We graduated to estate agents (great fun, as you got to draw the houses, and to this day I harbour a love of a good floor plan), then journalists, conducting exploratory missions to the attic. I wore a good tie-under-the-bust blouse, which I thought suitable for the role of journalist. Modest, but a bit tarty. I don’t know what my mother must have thought… Then came the part-time bar work and working as an administrative assistant in an NHS hopsital. Then the vaguely vocational stuff: gallery assistant, auction house intern. And my studies lasted longer and longer. So yes, I’m glad I’m no longer pretending.

At some point I’ll have to work through some of the lovely ideas I’ve been working on in my tiny mind here, but until then, I’m liking the sheds and houses in Mr Mason’s blog, and this extraordinary card from Lottie Loves.


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