How to say what you’re good at

Hey! I made that list of what I’m good at / what I enjoy. I’m trying to give this blog some purpose. Have a look at my previous post to see why I thought this was important.

Writing this was a pretty peculiar experience, because unlike a CV, where you have a very specific focus, this was a quick overview of the whole ‘me’, everything I enjoy, everything I believe in. I’d love to know what you think.

My job

I design museums. I write stories with objects and space, media and lighting. I help to conceive an atmosphere in words so my colleagues and clients can move forward with their vision. It also means I’m annoyingly focused on the detail whenever I go and see a visitor attraction – who else here notices showcase design? Anyone?!

I also freelance for BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time… more about that to come.


I read a huge amount. For someone with a full time job that doesn’t involve reading fiction, I manage to eat up about 80 books a year. Up till now I’ve logged these privately, just by jotting down their titles or copying out sections in my little black book*(see Commonplacing). But I’d really like to make this blog about reading and responding to those books.


I’ve got a novel on the go (haven’t we all?) and though I’m a long way off finishing, I feel very determined. Yes!


I’m a compulsive copier – I write whole short stories, long paragraphs, snippets and words out in a small black book, each one a version of a book I started when I was 16. They’re a kind of coded diary, in that I can read between the fiction and the lists as to what I was doing or feeling at the time, but they’re also a long memory for the texts I’ve read and engaged with. Good for the odd dinner party quotations game, or for instant pretension, and who doesn’t need a drop of that now and again?!


I pretty much taught myself from scratch about 3 years ago, when I was living in America and watching a lot of films set in England, trying to assuage my homesickness. I’m not very good at sitting still so it was either knit or eat. Now I can make things like this, and that’s pretty satisfying.


I try to run a half marathon every year in an attempt to keep my running focused and myself motivated. I’m stupidly proud of this running lark because I was not at all sporty as a child and now I can’t quite believe it when I log my route on gmaps pedometer and zoom out and can STILL SEE THE ROUTE! That’s how FAR I went! AWESOME! Yeah..

Life modelling

I used to do more of this, all through university and for a time in London, but I haven’t managed to find a really good regular, convenient location. However, I still like it when I go back every now and again and I’ve written about the experience here.

Things this blog is not so good at:


I’m not quite free enough (though I long to be!) to do this with anything like originality, but I will mention that I did go to Iceland last year and walked unsupported for 7 days through the deserted interior.

I tend to go to Scotland most years and climb mountains. Those would be British mountains, and yes, they are a lot smaller than mountains in, well, almost anywhere else…


Not sure where I am in this world… at least, not yet!

What about you? Have you ever tried to make a list of what makes you unique?

And what, out of this list, would you like to know more about? I’d love to know.


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