Marsh autumn

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I feel like I’ve been living under a stone since I got back from holiday… Work and fun has been eating up my spare hours, and this morning I stepped out onto the balcony with my cup of tea and realise autumn is HERE. There was a thick layer of mist across the football pitches, a strong low sunlight, golden patches among the foliage and brrr was it chilly on my bare feet!
I’m so thrilled that I now live somewhere where I can see all this happening from my doorstep. A few days ago, some ducks flew past two storeys down, and I was given a rare glimpse of these birds from above instead of the landlubbing view we humans customarily have.

Like many people, I’ve always loved autumn for that back-to-school feeling. Tell me I’m not the only one to get a bit nostalgic for all the supermarket adverts showing rosy cheeked five-year-olds in grey shorts and navy pullovers clutching lunchboxes and shivering on the school run. I feel all sorts of new motivations at this time of year – knit more, bake bread, have people round, run in the dark, go for long walks on the weekend, learn a new skill. It’s the beginning of my year still, even though I’m no longer a student (and haven’t been for, eek, two years!).

I’ve got a whole bunch of blog posts about the walk I undertook through Holland and Germany, with heaps of photographs, but I’m going to have to wait until work dies down again.

How on earth do you bloggers get all your life done and written about?? I can barely keep up!

1. Breakfast

2. Yoghurt, coffee, juice

3. Sunset on Wilton Way

4. Touches of gold among the green


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