Rainbow Jews – new project!

I’m thrilled to be using my exhibition development knowledge in a volunteer, “coal-face” context, working with the Rainbow Jews, organised by Surat Knan at Liberal Judaism. Although this is a totally new content world for me,  I’m hoping  I can be useful in helping to develop and deliver the temporary exhibition next February at the London School of Economics.

The exhibition is about opening people’s eyes to the intersection of Jewish and LGBT identities, more specifically, about how having a Jewish and an LGBT identity makes life doubly complex. The stories we’re telling are often fraught with struggle and emotional conflict, and strike at the heart of what it means to belong and feel happy in oneself, while at the same time answering to the expectations of others. A dedicated team has been collecting oral histories and filmed interviews from people with stories to tell.

To find out more or to get involved yourself, take a look at the Rainbow Jews website. I’ll be posting about this in more detail as we get stuck in!


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