Badger by moonlight

Each year I try to make a Christmas card for my nearest and dearest. Two years ago I tried to remind myself how to linocut – something I haven’t done since school! Turns out it’s not stupidly expensive. A bottle of black ink, a roller, some pads for cutting and a set of cutting tools set me back about £20. I scrounged some old acrylic from the Chap’s office to roll out the ink nice and thin. And as I couldn’t afford a nice ker-clunk press, I used the back of a spoon to “burnish” the ink onto the paper. OK, it doesn’t look as clean as it could but my family ain’t fussy. 

And with a badger this cute, who could resent a few black spludges here and there? 2013’s card is a badger by moonlight. Enjoy…



Taking inspiration from Robert Gillmor

Badgers all over the shop

Badgers all over the shop20140103-103931.jpg



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