Weekend in Berlin

2014-04-26 13.56.32Berlin and I have an interesting history. Five years ago, one April, I travelled there on my own to end a relationship – a ‘schluss’, as the Germans say. At the same time, I was falling in love more deeply than ever before. Wandering the streets and feeling sad for the loss of one thing, yet hopeful for another, has cast Berlin in a bittersweet memory: the friction of anguish pushing up close to ecstasy. Now, again in April, I made the trip again hoping for a much more normal type of visit, where I could simply enjoy the city.

And it was perfect. Berlin in spring is finer by far than Paris, and on this particular weekend the sun got to 24 degrees! Also: everywhere I looked, I found something orange. (In fact I’ve been going through a bit of an orange phase – a phone cover, a Bauhaus pencil, one of those gorgeous melamine Margrethe bowls… It’s such a happy colour, don’t you think?)

We went to some markets… these pepper and salt grinders were stunning. I wanted all of them.

2014-04-27 13.34.37-1

Stayed in Kreuzberg, in a stunning wood-floored flat that was easily THREE times the size of my London pad.

2014-04-27 10.34.27

Went to Tempelhof, the abandoned airport built by the Nazis. The architecture is formidable, but they did have quite a nice line in gold mosaic light fittings! 2014-04-26 17.41.15The Tempelhof airfield itself is this wonderful huge park – such big skies and drifting smell of barbecues.2014-04-26 17.34.31 2014-04-26 18.05.26 2014-04-26 18.10.40 2014-04-26 18.10.54 2014-04-26 18.01.13

Saw some green things…2014-04-27 17.38.57


…and some orange ones!2014-04-27 16.06.29-1 2014-04-27 16.04.23-1


Oh. And there was cheese for brunch. YES.2014-04-27 11.05.00








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