Circumnavigating Arran

So in three weeks I’ll be taking the sleeper train north, crossing the Firth of Clyde to Arran, and setting off with the sea on my right. Or left. I’m not sure which. Should I go clockwise or anticlockwise? Does it matter? Toss a coin when I get there? Go with the prevailing wind?

These are the kinds of choices you’re faced with when you’re planning a backpacking holiday– that’s to say, NOT very important ones. With a tent on your back and a stack of Kendal mint cake, there’s really nothing stopping you. So much so that you almost have to impose rules. In previous trips, I’ve used volunteering opportunities and literature to plan my path. This time, it’s the rugged coast of Arran that will guide my steps. Whichever way round I’ll be walking…

(Note: if you’ve ever tried to cycle the Hebrides from top down instead of bottom up, let me tell you: that’s a bad idea.)


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