Mendelssohn’s Lunch Break

2016-02-25 14.10.42

2016-02-25 14.19.332016-02-25 14.12.072016-02-25 14.12.19So…. Mendelssohn liked to get out at lunchtimes too. In fact, he is alleged to have been inspired by the outdoor world whilst composing his wondrous and uplifting incidental music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream under a tree that is now displayed on the pedestrian level of the Barbican. Amazing what you can find if you go for a stroll at lunch.

Lunchwalks: good for the body and the brain.

Where to find Mendelssohn’s tree: head up the stairs by the Barbican tube station on Farringdon Road. Cross the bridge, head towards the Barbican Centre, and the tree is straight ahead of you. There have been some recent renovations to the brickwork paving, so the area hasn’t been so easy to explore.

Looking for more secrets nearby? You could leave a penny on Blake’s grave in nearby Bunhill Fields. Or if you dream of living in Barbican utopia and you can’t get enough of the concrete, you could visit the Barbican library (among other things, it has a fantastic art, photography and design section) or have a drink in the Wood Street Bar, overlooking the easterly pools of the Barbican.

Other pictures in this post feature a flying yellow skip and an orange square. Delight in colour!



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