Hello. After six years studying literature, medieval studies and visual culture in the US and UK, I’m now a content developer, interpretive planner and curator for an exhibition design group. I also write, run, go to museums, knit and climb mountains.

I’ve lived on the most remote inhabited island of the British Isles (Fair Isle), climbed three of the highest mountains in Romania, and worked for the BBC World Service, this lovely bakery and this festival. So far I’ve only run one marathon and three half marathons, and I’m working towards my second marathon in August 2016.

Mediatrixy – what’s that all about?

My academic background is largely in medieval culture – manuscripts, intellectual history, literature and literary theory. I find it fascinating to understand how differently the medievals thought about the world, the role of culture, the importance of signs and symbols, and the making of meaning. In their terminology, a mediator is someone who communicates something of note. They might not be the ultimate author – or auctor – terms which have strong resonances with the concepts of both the authentic and the authoritative. But mediators are perhaps the bridging gap between an authority and their audience. A mediatrix is a female mediator. And because the best people like to play around with words, mediatrixy is also a little bit irreverent, playful, curious and, well, tricksy.




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